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School Uniform Ministry

In the course of our ministry we have come to understand that a major part of what feeds poverty is illiteracy. We believe to break this cycle of poverty is education. Uniforms is one of the requirements to attend school, from elementry to the universty. We help more that 5000 students with uniforms and thet number grows annualy. 

A single uniform consisting of shoes, a shirt, shorts, underwear, and socks costs $55.00. For 2 shirts, pants, and underwear the cost is $35 more or $95 for both. Additionally, the children must have a PE uniform - shorts, shirt, and tennis shoes, another $35.00. Then there are the mandated school supplies. $50.00 or more per year for grades K thru 6, and $160.00 or more for 7th and beyond. We help more than 25000 students a year with school supplies . School lunch is provided in elementry school but in middle and high school the lunches are $4 per day and those who must ride the bus are charged $2 each day! 

The dropout rate by the 7th grade is a staggering 28%, simply because of the economics of the situation. The resultant idleness and despair born from broken dreams fosters all kinds of negatives. If you wish to help an elementary school or for 7th – 12th  with supplies, we try and help the poorest of schooles with supplies and construction.

We are committed to the Rice and Beans Ministry, but we see an enormous need for a concentrated focus on ministering to children to enable them to stay in school until they graduate. And since children are dependent upon their families during their childhood, the focus needs to extend to the family which is where our Families helping Families ministry comes into play.

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