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Base Camp

Base Camp takes place the second week of July each year. It is a week of joint service, teaching and empowering the local church to create local mission programs. We bring people from the USA to work with the Costa Ricans; however, we don’t limit involvement to theses countries only as we have servants from Nicaragua, Honduras and Panama that are coming as well. 

During this week we will serve in 18 to 30 communities in Bible day camps and food ministry. We see from up to 4000 kids in Bible schools and see up to 500 families in food ministry.

We will gather together each night and be led into worship with powerful music and messages by Adam Cappa and other guest speakers. 



It is a true blessing to serve together, worship together, and create long term relationships. We always have a theme that we base the week of serving around to empower the church to have local missions. This week was born out of a week of serving in the mountains of Tennessee where we learned that the need for local missions exists in every community.

Now after serving in Costa Rica for 15 years empowering the local churches, whether from the USA or Costa Rica, local missions is making the ministry complete. We also encourage families to serve this week and as well as youth and the leaders from your Church.

How Can You Help?

Bring your team to serve with us during Base Camp. Let us know your interest in serving this week by contacting us: (Contact Link)

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