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Families Helping Families

All over the world there are families who have the ability to share and those who need to receive their care. Families Helping Families, our newest RABMIN outreach, wants to link them. We help families adopt families, and encourage the members of these respective families to develop relationships with one another through letters and photos back and forth, on occasion we will schedule visits when possible. 

To keep the program from becoming one that generates dependency we will deliver the school needs to the families rather than money, checking on their well being and praying with them on every visit, and report back to the sponsoring families, serving as translators on everything as need be.

Ideally the adopting family could send enough money to provide each child at least 2 school uniforms, shoes, a PE outfit, school supplies and, for the most needy children, at least one balanced meal per day and perhaps some vitamins to enhance their nutrition. 

Small birthday and Christmas remembrances are another possibility. The donations for these go almost 100% to the families. (We keep no more than $75 per year per family to help us cover the expense of delivering the letters and supplies on this end and filling in needs that are not met. The “adoption” is not contractual and requires no minimums or maximums per month to keep the relationship ongoing, but we would want each pledge to remain as long a commitment as possible. 

The RABMIN team will be the emissaries. We will meet and interview the families. We will shop for and deliver everything. We will keep records on each family and stay in touch with their supporting family, advising them of sizes and needs and directing the cards, letters, and photos back and forth between families. Additionally, we will pray daily by name for every member of both the supporting and receiving families, and we will continue to pray for the families who don’t yet have support. It may take multiple families, Churches, or organizations to support 1 family due to the number of children.

Another way to sponsor a family will be through our Construction ministry which has shifted its focus into helping repair and construct family homes for the needy.

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