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Feed the Families

    Each afternoon, after construction or VBS activities, our teams pack food bags to deliver door to door in the neighborhoods we minister to. Currently we are serving 80 plus communities with food and prayer. 

Through this ministry we are able to meet an immediate need and offer hope, an encouraging word, and prayer while building relationships with the families. Many of our other ministries stem from Feed the Families as we find out the other needs of the communities through these visits.

We find out that the children are not in school because they cannot afford uniforms. We find the homes in desperate need of repair. We find a family hungry for more than just food and begin to show them how to have a personal relationship with Jesus and much more.

Christmas Opportunities

Although Rice and Beans Ministries works year round to feed hungry families and individuals in various regions in Costa Rica, we celebrate the birth of Christ with a special ministry opportunity.

Each December it has been our prayer to be able to help at least 10000 families.  This project costs a minimum of $12 per family.

Why such a big push during Christmas? Children are home from school during this season and it puts a heavier strain on the families because it's one more meal they have to provide when they are already struggling. The children normally get at least one meal while at school.

It also provides opportunities to give a small gift for the children along with the food bags. If you're interested in providing gifts at Christmas please contact us for more information.


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