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   First and foremost Rice and Beans Ministries exists to glorify our Heavenly Father and every aspect of who He is and what He did for us through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ and the blessing of the Holy Spirit. We are moved and motivated by the great calling that He has on each one of His children; so in response we offer up our talents and abilities to serve and worship Him.

The goal at Rice and Beans is to go into all the world and make disciples of Christ.  We study that Christ was always meeting people exactly where they were and then calling them out into a faith that grew them and transformed their lives. Modeled after His example, we strive with each action in hopes of meeting people where they are and help lead them into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Meeting the needs of many people often begins with meeting their needs of hunger through the flesh, then meeting their spiritual hunger through the Word and Prayer.

Rice and beans are a staple food for many South and Central American cultures, therefore they give a perfect avenue to meet many needs for families all across the region. However, simply providing food for families is really only the beginning of what Rice and Beans is all about. Throughout the year, various construction teams build new churches, houses, classrooms, and many other structures that enable the people of Costa Rica. Bible studies are organized in homes. Day camps are formed so that the children have the opportunity to do what children do best, play.

The food bags help us reach out to the local community in a passive way. We take members from the local churches with us on the food and prayer ministry to build relationships with the local community. We feel and believe the only way to change the world is to change our self first and then work on our local communities and neighborhoods. 

The food bags consists of 2 kilos each of rice and beans, 1 kilo  masa and a bag of powdered milk. Many times the teams add bibles and other things for the children.

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