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Hello I hope I find you well. I know that there has been many questions about what the status is on our property and our building projects.

As of today we have purchased the 20000 meters (4.82 acres) .  We are currently waiting on the permits so that we can start the construction phase.

  I am so excited to announce that we are within a couple of  weeks or so to have our first permits.  To be able to start the construction of our answered prayers , our dream , our facility is amazing. 

  We need help. We need you  and your team , we need you sharing with other churches and friends about what we are doing and most of all we need your prayers. I know that the budgets of your churches are stretched but I want to show you what our anticipated costs are to get us through the first phase of building are. 

  We have worked hard to get the design where it is full functional for our teams but also where we can be a community outreach facility as well.





     The site plan shows the placement of the buildings and the building plans are in metric measurements. 1meter = 3.3 ft . we will build one kitchen/ dining hall and 2 dormitories at his time to sleep 64 people. Once we complete this phase we will save over $150000 a year in rent  just to host our teams.



1. Building Permits and Insurance     $  12,500.00
2. Site work and entry                      $  40,000.00
3. Water and electricical upgrades     $  18,000.00
4. Kitchen/dining hall                        $185,000.00  
5. 2 Dormitories                               $  80,000.00               


 We need to raise $335000.00 . We need your help. We would like to have this phase completed by May 2017.


For any questions or comments please email me. If you can make a pledge please email me  fred@rabmin.org

Thank you for all you do in HIS name.


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